Sunday Morning Exchange

Chuck (on his way out the door to his part-time church job) to Auburn: I appreciate you so much for loving me. Even when I can’t do everything I’d like to be able to do for you.

Auburn: Pah. You do everything that’s most important, like adoring me unconditionally. And thinking I’m funny and smart.

Chuck: I’m learning that it doesn’t have to always be a performance. I think I’m growing up.

Auburn: Do you feel insecure about your worth when you’re not able to perform or provide something?

Chuck: Yes, that’s probably the crux of it.

Auburn: Well that’s dumb.

Chuck: It is dumb.

Auburn: It’s normal. But it’s still dumb… F–k normal.

Chuck laughs.

Auburn: We applied for normal. Normal didn’t want us.

Chuck: That’s true. Normal rejected us.

Auburn: Yeah. So heck with Normal. There are a whole lot of really great people out here on the outside of normal.

Chuck: That’s exactly right.


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