Tokyo Guitar

I like the idea that the physical universe is “God’s” infinite brain. That God is coming to know God’s self in the unfolding of the cosmos and our own consciences. That whenever creature souls connect in empathy, forgiveness, mindfulness, and grace-giving attention, it’s like a neuron/synapsis connection, a God thought process. Eckert Tolle says the declaration God made to Moses: “I am” is a pointer to a truth: All of us are “I am.”

So it turns out, at present, I won’t be living out the distraction and busy-ness of the career in educational leadership I thought I was supposed to be securing with my new degrees and certifications. I was sincerely hoping for the “cover” of a respectable position to make my son and parents proud (and less baffled by my life) and so that I wouldn’t end up being a nomadic blogger talking about God.  But the sun is rising over the trees and I love riding the train.

Talking to Betty about this yesterday — this unexpected liberty — I couldn’t suppress a shit-eating grin. She caught it. She flashed a smile of recognition back at me. I think we both noticed that for once I wasn’t in a huge, blustery, impatient hurry.  That I had time for a gentle conversation with my old friend. That we were both smiling. That I wasn’t afraid.


2 thoughts on “Tokyo Guitar

  1. Wonderful wonderful wonderful! I am so glad you are starting to see the give you have given yourself by not squeezing into a conventional box. So glad you are sharing this journey with the world.


    1. You know, Judith, you had a hand in this. You really talked some important “turkey” to me about conventional boxes the other day. Thanks for caring enough about all I am to speak up!


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