Crickets on the Wall

I have been sick at heart today anticipating that we’re not going to get the truth or any justice for Freddie Gray. Thank heavens, it’s been ruled a homicide. The story-makers have been following the same script since Trayvon: Dribble out speculation, change the narrative, let people’s passions get exhausted, focus on “thugs” and “looters” and “flawed black scary people”, lean on our incapacity and unwillingness to be in conflict with each other and our unwillingness to understand the depths to which our fellow Americans are being daily violated in flagrant defiance of everything we hold dear about our rights and protections as citizens. Create doubt: This young man probably severed his OWN spine. After all, he had all these pot-related misdemeanors! This time, Americans aren’t going to have it and “they” know it.

Today, for the first time, I’m thinking most specifically of the young man himself. The age of my own son. One minute running in full flight. Sometime not much later with a severed spinal cord. His agony. The moment someone snapped his spine and he didn’t die. That his mother will have to know there was no one to hold him in their arms that last week of his unspeakable dying.

I put a great deal of stock in the perspective of David Simon and the aims of The Marshall Project.…/david-simon-on-baltimo… No matter how things unfold, please start learning. Please stay engaged. Please support the many organizations that are challenging the wholesale usurpation of American citizens’ rights. All of our rights. Please raise hell about The Patriot Act, Article 215, up for renewal on June 1st 2015. See John Oliver’s hilarious but dead serious coverage of Article 215 and what it means to us all and why we need to sit up, take notice, raise hell.…/could-john-oliver-make-…/

I’ve taught a lesson for years in high school and college classrooms about how average people, not wishing to stand out or take social risks, can constitute the critical mass that make Holocausts possible. We’re the average people. Let’s not align with wickedness by our inaction or willful blindness.


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