Liberty and the Pursuit

This guy, “The Office Hobo,” has been exploring what he calls a “home-free” lifestyle for the past several years. He started out sleeping in his office cubicle, renting out his LA apartment and working more than full-time to pay his bills. Eventually he gave up apartments and full-time jobs altogether. He couldn’t justify indenturing himself anymore to housing payments.  Similar to a moderately successful blues musician friend of mine, the “hobo” lives in his truck, but he’s no vagabond. Our days are rich with time for walks, writing, awareness, rest. I’ve been on an all-out full-time job search for 18 months, so this nomad bit is not my first choice. But it sure feels good to just BE with what I’ve got. Which is spring wind, blueberry smoothies, and writing classes to teach for fall. A car that works. A bicycle. Stories to tell. Friends, prayers, coffee.  And the option to hit the road today and hang with one of my many truly beloveds.


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